FAQs for teachers Print

How often will you email me with job opportunities?

We won't email you with any job opportunities. Instead, you may be emailed by Course Directors or Heads of Department who have read your profile and believe that you might be a suitable candidate for their post.

Will I be able to use this site when I've completed my doctorate?

Yes. A number of doctoral students only want to start teaching after they've completed their doctoral studies and we're happy to let them do so. However, if you haven't accessed your account for over a year, we will remove you from the system.

Who has access to the information I give?

We currently allow anyone to search the site to facilitate rapid access to profiles. Therefore, you shouldn't include details such as your home address or telephone number.

What sort of people are likely to seek teaching through this system?

People who are either studying for a doctorate or employed as research staff at an institute of Higher Education (i.e. a university) who are seeking teaching experience to help in their career development - and a little extra money too.

What sort of people are likely to be seeking teachers through this system?

Heads of university departments and Course Leaders who need suitably qualified people who can help out with teaching on their courses. Sometimes teachers are required at short notice due to staff pregnancy or illness, or there are a large number of students requiring a number of seminar leaders etc.

I only have time to do a few hours a week. Are potential employers going to be interested in this?

Yes. This site is here for what tends to be called 'hourly paid teaching' that could be as little as an hour per week or a single session of just a few hours.

I want to delete my profile. How do I do this?

Simply email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it from the email address you have used to register and your profile will be removed.