FAQs for employers Print

What will it cost me to use this service?

Nothing. It's a completely free service provided by the Doctoral School at the Institute of Education.

How can I be sure that registered users are being accurate?

You cannot - just like any job application you receive. We do not check that users are registered with a particular institution or any other details so you will need to take up references for any applicant.

How do I contact someone I am interested in?

When you find someone's profile you like, their email address will be displayed.

What sort of people are likely to seek teaching through this system?

It is mainly doctoral students, but there are a number of research staff also registered.

What sort of people are likely to be seeking teachers through this system?

Mainly Heads of Departments and Course Leaders.

I only have available a few hours of teaching. Am I looking in the right place?

Absolutely. This site is for hourly-paid teaching opportunities.