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Fabio Puddu
Fabio Puddu
Cancer Research UK London Research Institute
Molecular Biology
EMBO Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D in Genetics and Biomolecular Sciences (Univ. of Milan)
MSc.(hons) in Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics (Univ. of Milan)
BSc.(hons) in Industrial and Environmental Biotechnologies (Univ. of Milan)
I have been solely responsible for the day-to-day tutoring of these students during their thesis project:
•(Nov 2009 – Apr 2010) B.Sc. in Industrial and Environmental Biotechnologies
•(Feb 2007 – Jul 2008) M.Sc. in Molecular Biology of the Cell

I participated in the organisation and running of these didactic activities:

• September 2011 (4 hours) London Research Institute Ph.D Student Induction: "Design Experiments that Show Something"

•September 2010 (10 hours) Teacher Training Course: "Coloured Molecules and Cells" (Univ. of Milan for EMBL)

• March-April 2009 (15 hours) Undergraduate Laboratory Course: "Advanced Molecular Biology (Univ. of Milan)

• March-May 2008 (40 hours)Undergraduate Laboratory Course:"Recombinant DNA Technology" (Univ. of Milan)
Cell cycle; DNA replication; Microbial Genetics; DNA damage and repair; Recombinant DNA technology; Molecular Biology
  • Demonstrating,
  • Seminar delivery,
  • Lecture delivery,
  • One-to-one tutoring,
  • Supervision (undergraduate),
  • Supervision (postgraduate)
  • London,
  • South East,
  • East of England,
  • South West,
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