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Yuval Moshkovitz
Yuval Moshkovitz
Psychoanlytic Studies, Psychology
Political Science
PhD candidate
BA psychology - Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
BA French Literature - Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
MPhil Clinical Psychology - Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
A lecturer - Continued Education Centre - Western Galilee - Israel Introduction to Psychology and the History of Psychoanalysis 2 year course
A Coordinator - Reading seminars in 1. Psychoanalytic Theory - Techniques and Interventions - 2 years; 2. Interpretation of Data in Psychological Assessments; 3, Interventions in Family Therapy
A Supervisor - Group and individual supervision for mental health professionals
Psychoanalytic Theories, History of Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalysis in the Therapeutic Setting, Human Aggression and Psychoanalysis, Psychological Adaptation to Stressful Conditions, Theories of Nationalism, The Evolution of National Identities, Israeli National Identity, Diaspora and Identities.
  • Seminar delivery,
  • Lecture delivery,
  • One-to-one tutoring,
  • Supervision (undergraduate),
  • Supervision (postgraduate)
  • London,
I'm looking for a part time job to complement my PhD studies in the Department of Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck College. My topic is: Negotiation of National Identities in the Diaspora - A Psychosocial Perspective
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