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Amanda Roestorf
Amanda Roestorf
City University London
Doctoral Resercher
2013 BSc Psychology (Hons, 1st Class)
2014 MSc Research Methods and Psychology (Distinction)
2015-Current PhD Psychology: Ageing and Psychological Functioning in Autism Spectrum Disorder (expected completion: Sep 2017)
2016 BSc Psychology: Approaches to Autism (PS3007); 2 lectures prepared and delivered Autumn Term (period 2).
2016 MSc Clinical, Social & Cognitive Neuroscience: Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (PSM202); 2 lectures prepared and delivered Autumn Term (period 2).
2013-2017 Tutoring and mentoring of BSc and MSc students (ad-hoc).
1996 Pre-Primary Education Certificate (PPEC), College of Education of South Africa
Psychology BSc and MSc level: Cognition, Memory, Executive Function, Language, Theory of Mind; Lifespan, Developmental approaches to neurodiversity and atypical development; Quality of Life and well-being; Quantitative and Qualitative, Experimental approaches in lab and naturalistic settings; Tutoring, training and mentoring.
  • Demonstrating,
  • Seminar delivery,
  • Lecture delivery,
  • One-to-one tutoring,
  • Supervision (undergraduate),
  • Supervision (postgraduate)
  • London,
  • South East,
  • South West,
Experience and training: I have a proven track-record as a self-starter and am able to design and deliver research programmes to a high level. I am trained and experienced in the following methods and technologies: ADOS (all modules, but most experienced in module 4 assessment); SPSS, eye-tracking, e-prime and matlab (basic) coding. I am an experienced project manager and presenter at both national and international conferences and seminars, which I have presented at and also co-lead and organised. I have a proven track-record in building and maintaining relationships with corporate and charity partners, and funding organisations. Furthermore, I have trained and supported research assistant at both undergraduate and Master’s level, and co-supervised an MSc (taught) student in their research and dissertation.

Availability: I am currently completing my PhD (writing up) and expect to complete December 2017. My earliest availability, therefore, is end January 2018, and may be limited to part-time opportunities until end March 2018. Opportunities in Brighton & Hove would be ideal, however I am also very interested in active discussions around longer-term roles from February/March 2018 onwards, in London or the south coast.
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