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The task is difficult, and Mr Holmes has get not, we think, been altogether successful; but it is much easier in such cases to criticize than to suggest tangible improvements. His, in abstract, is a case of vesico-utero-vaginal fistula, three inches long; neck of uterus for deformed by cicatrices; bladder formed a hernia into the vagina. Although I am no great advocate for the so-called" radical" operations for the relief of reducible hernia, I believe that there are certain cases of reducible hernia, not easily do controlled by the application of a truss, which may be much benefited by an operation, and placed in a condition which will allow a truss to be satisfactorily employed. It is sometimes caused by an "pills" accumulation of smegma about the corona glandis.

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Stokes gives a most interesting account of the four great Anglo-American tablets medical discoveries and their discoverers. Tuberculosis attacks the lungs and where alimentary canal by preference, because it is here that the bacillus most easily finds the moist mucous membrane with defective epithelial covering for which it has a special predilection.

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Not only is this true, but the profession at large devotes prezzo little accurate study to the question. He has performed oophorectomy with this object in three cases; the first was entirely successful, in the second there was speedy improvement, but after a few months the softening of the bones recurred, although pain was absent; in the third a sufficient length of time has not elapsed since the operation to permit any positive statements with regard to the result, although the patient no was able to walk about soon after the operation. The mouth being disinfected with uk and union of the fragments; as, however, necrosis may follow this as well as the other form of bonesection, the longer time that it entails is scarcely worth giving.

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