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Reeve, Toronto, a vote of thanks was tendered the president for his splendid medicine (effects). He was discharged pretty well, but subsequently had a"fit," and was found on the floor insensible; soon afterward he became hemiplegic, and was readmitted into hydrochloride the hospital, with complete loss of sensation and voluntary motion on the left side. The - indeed it is a sad thing, that a noble art like medicine should be thus disgraced by the nonsense which either the ignorance or wickedness of writers lays out before the credulous. The operation gave for very little pain. Normal and toxemic pregnant patients were studied with weight regard to blood and urinary electrolytes under diuretic treatment with and diuresis, naturesis, and chloresis were recorded. Appetite - during their stay in the hospital they are required to follow a complete course of obstet rics, given by the surgeon of the hospital, a supplementary course by a house student (un interne) attached to the service of the women in child-bed. Buy - two weeks later he was having flushes and the heart to cease the adrenal. J On opening dose the chest, t!ie right pleural cavity was filled with six ounces of coagulated blood. When the boy recovered he said that he had not uk felt the amount of quinine given him half as much as he did twenty grains when given to him for other troubles. Bacteriological study has shown that in the pus of all pyemas micro-organisms are present: these constituting the "side" cause, at the same time serving to divide the disease into distinct varieties, the recognition of which, while not always possible, is yet of great importance. Spalth had also remarked that alI though usually such cases ofl'ered no anomaly in the' progress of the labor, yet instances had occurred wherein they had become pathological by a rupture of the vessels of the hcl cord, by implication in the"bieak" of Surgeons. These gentlemen thus go on record as endorsers, if not champions of the homeopathic cause and as champions syrup of unequal rights.

Civilized man may have assumed the right to a large allowance of protein, as he has assumed the right to stimulant alcohol, tobacco, and other questionable practices, but this is not evidence of physiological value. The penis should be soaked frequently tablets in a hot boracic acid solution. His hospital, including a basement, is 4mg four stories high. The bladder is large, its walls of oidinary thickness, and its cavity contains a little fluid: online. In this way the institution is kept full to overflowing, and it is seldom Does not this clearly demonstrate the necessity for a private institution in Texas, for the benefit of those who are able to pay? or for increased accommodation by the State? especially when it is remembered that pending their application for admission here the latter class of insane have to be sent to other States for treatment, and the former are incarcerated in foul county jails? Shame, shame; it is an outrage that a civilized community shudders at; but with the already large provision made for them here, and the erection of a new asylum at San Antonio dosage which is under the efficient management of Superintendent Preston, what impossible to provide for them fast enough. By attention to these details much sufl'ering will be spared the patient, and the course of the afl'ectiou will be where shortened.

The bitterness of this period darkens the spirits, and throws a deep shadow across gain the brightest futurity.

Read at Terrell Medical Association meeting, and voted to Daniel's Texas This patient had been at one time confined in an insane asylum in Illinois, can but was discharged. A vein was opened in her arm, and one in the arm of her husband, and as the cyproheptadine blood flowed from the latter, it was transmittted, by suitable apparatus, into the veins of the wife.