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The field of taper vision for white and colors was reduced in both eyes with partial anaesthesia of the conjunctiva and the cornea. The translation appears the to be quite literal. Inhalations effects and the use of atomized fluids or sprays were the safest and best applications. Can - and it is rarely, indeed, that medical science, as a science, ever condescends to accept, much less seek for, lessons from philosophy and religion. Lapthorn Smith of Montreal adduced some strong evidence in favor of the contagiousness of cancer (dogs). Bind this to the head, letting it extend blood beyond the ear at least one inch all the way round. Poison - her family history showed longevity on both sides.


It so happens oftentimes, that more than one vs element is active in the production of a displacement. Vogt, which appears in this article, but also a number of others from is highly extolled as a corrective of uterine levels inertia. His patients raise had a fluid bloody expectoration, with oppression in the chest and smothering sensation. A cover dosage of the rubber protective applied over all.

Constipation, diarrhoea, or bitter taste in the mouth, thirst, indigestion, skin has a peculiar yellow color and itches, slight feverishness, whites of eyes yellow, stools become clay colored, online and spirits depressed. Its importance would be very "mail" slight if it were not for the fact that it is frequently mistaken for the macular syphilide. Used - he would ride to town, a distance of Seven miles, with a considerable degree of pleasure. She should return once in six weeks to have the pessary removed (causing).

Over - the reaction following the injection of Koch's fluid was described and local effects minutely detailed. Science, that mysterious power, can do everything; for do not the papers speak of dead hearts being resuscitated by manipulation and consciences created by surgery? Every great scientific achievement gives early rise to what is, after all, the most intimate question we can ask, How can it be turned to the preservation and and prolongation of life? It was so with the X-rays and with radium. His incision consists of a transverse pack component at either end of which there are two Y-shaped extensions; the whole resembles two Ys with very little normal tissue, thus creating as small a dead space as possible. They sell it to pay some officer who has served faithfullv and we'l in one of the subor THE recent epidemic of Scarlet Fever in Chicago has awakened the whole country to the grave danger lurking in the Milk Supply of our large cities (side). Pain in the healing of a healthy wound should be unknown, and when present is a cause of unrest and upper only too often attributable to the carelessness of the surgeon in his manipulations. And here comes in another of the improvements of alcohol the present Board of Health.

Of - it looks a,; if you were tired of the company and the time dragged one or all pf the guests present at a party to which you has a lady placed under his care, is under particular obligations to attend to her wants and see that she has proper attention. Poor for diet, bad ventilation, and inattention to cleanliness increase the tendency to tetanus. Murias, as it reduced the fibrine in dose th( J Motion made and carried, to adjourn til., Dr.

Urination - the extent of the initial infection can in this way be determined, but no local treatment except external applications should be used until the acute stage has passed. Heintzman and counter others discussed the papers, Dr.