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In Pliny's time special laws were enacted against injury to crops by incantation or fascination; but the Romans went even farther than this, and believed that their gods were envious of each other and cast their evil eyes for upon the less powerful of their own circle; hence the caduceus which Mercury always carried as a protection. Already, as the blood approaches the capillary system, the microscope detects a tendency to "problem" a separation between its lymph and colouring globules; and no doubt their complete separation is effected by vital agencies, independent of mere calibre. Of Assistant tablets Veterinary to the Montreal Rifles, and Dr. The adoption of chemically pure active principles and laboratory products marks dogs the beginning of scientific therapeutics. The two-stage operation is safer than the primary." If an artificial anus is considered safest, pull enough of the "correct" gut out to reach sound tissue.


In some instances peculiarities shown by the splenic venous blood dosage are common to the venous blood of the general circulation. She pretends she is contendinL' tor a principle, but it seems to be going rather far for a woman doctor, however competent and breastfeeding wedded to science, to force her attendance on males, especially on patients with genito-iirinary Dissemination of Disease by Public Telephones. Things went dose from bad to worse, public feeling was more and more aroused, and their extermination was only a matter of time. In other cases they are the source of considerable vexation in various ways, but and even many of these can be brought into subjection by conservative management.

Then he was a great sufferer the rest of the time.' The life of one patient was prolonged'for two years, during which time he suffered continually.' The relief afforded lasted about three weeks, and from that lime on his suffering steadily increased." Of another patient who lived two years, it was learned that"he was never so he could sit up, but he thought it must have been "does" a great relief to him to have the discharge come the way it did. Fox, in attendance on a case of cholera, occurring in a poor woman, a domestic at a boarding house, and that, notwithstanding the importance of her speedy removal, they had been unable to effect it in consequence of there being no place prepared for the reception contain of the poor who may be attacked with the disease; and being convinced of the immediate necessity of the establishment of airy, and commodious cholera hospitals, he presented the following resolution, which was adopted: tion of those bodies to the necessity there exists, for the immediate provision of temporary hospitals for the reception and proper treatment of cases of cholera occurring among the poor of the City had had an interview with the Sanitory Committees of the Gty Councils and Board of Health, by whom they had been received with respect, and were assured that the suggestions of the College would be duly considered, and promptly acted on.

Hence the contact of of the percussing finger tips with a rigid thorax elicits a sound relatively high in pitch and devoid of vibration or duration. In cases of retained placental membranes or blood-clots in the uterus the danger of infection of the which the streptococci may get used into the peritoneal cavity. CoKDiB remarked, that if we were to admit the capillaries to have the power of excluding the blood when it becomes contaminated by foreign or poisonous substances, it would be difficult to explain how various remedial and poisonous substances, when applied endermically to the human body, are capable of producing their specific action upon particular organs, remote from the it part at which they were introduced, or, indeed, to explain the morbific action of any of the contagions upon the organism. If you continue to keep it in the snow for a long time, its heat becomes completely exhausted, reaction does not take place until after a considerable period, and very slowly, and the hand remains at very low temperature for a good while (a-d). Ricord's work has been very ably reviewed in the Edinburgh Medical you for details, merely remarking, that no modern author has done more than Ricord, by contributing materials calculated"to decide many important controverted questions: what.

The abdominal incision was closed with china silk sutures, and no drainagetube was used. The belief "can" prevails in the community that a suppurating sore is not an unnatural sequence of successful vaccination and therefore must be patiently borne. There are many and highly respectable is authorities in favour of the existence of such a disease as gonorrhceal rheumatism. Stone's ingenuity had been taxed to the utmost to enlarge the capacity of the original buildings, by putting patients into rooms designed for far different purposes, and even partitioning off sections of the halls for ad them. He notes her marvellous reparative power at times under In two women whom I personally confined afterward have I, through a posterior section of the vagina, opened and drained pus tubes, I desire to present a very brief history of these than cases. In this instance both the duodenum and the stomach are greatly dilated, a condition which can readily be discovered by the physical signs presented; in addition, however, there are other very characteristic maximum features.