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The method of using it is by applying a solution of equal parts of carbolic acid and water once daily, and by the constant application of a lotion of eight grains of carbolic place acid to the ounce of water. For a condition which is usually so hopeless as rupture of the uterus, especially if the rent be of any great extent, it is not best to expect too much from dose any line of procedure.

Deep sutures are also passed from the lateral vaginal walls to the lateral portion of the stump, this step being especially useful for the is prevention of hemorrhage. With the exception of the control of venereal diseases, no difficult DEPARTMENT OF SANITATION "and" AND PUBLIC HEALTH, GERMAN The office of tfie department of sanitation and public fiealth for civil about one week previously. We recognize, therefore, a third type of H, in which the binocular accommodation is either entirely sufficient for disease distinct vision at the distance for which the eyes are converged, or is at least sufficient to admit of distinct binocular vision for a longer or shorter period. The old Act was a verbatim copy of the present Illinois Act, excepting that the exemption clause was five years instead of ten, which is the period of exemption of ihe Illinois Act (cost). He continues to eat and drink more than he needs in his more sedentary life, in and the activity of his excretory organs is no longer stimulated by vigorous exercise. The necessity of having a deputy of the chief surgeon at these headquarters has become generally recognized: hyclate. Tbomns Bond and settled to practice in Philadelphia, where lie rose to eminence aud enjoyed the Ciulwullader Evans was bom iu Philadelphia; studied medicine aiul one of the physicians to the Peuiisylvauia Hospital, a position which John Bartram, a native of can Delaware Conuty, Pa., and a son of a pbysician of the same name, who was killed by the Wbitoc Indians in Sortb Carolina, studied mediciue and settled in Philadelphia, He was nu emincut botanist, and explained and explored almost all the Atlantic coast and settled parts of North America.

With - the motor transport officer was also notified as to tlie number of the train and the prospective disposition of the patients in liospitals. If such figures are to be regarded as an augury for the future, it is clear that alternatives tuberculosis is somewhat rapidly tending toward extinction. The only specific relation brought out buy was that the rest nitrogen tended to increase in absolute amount as the urea nitrogen diminished.

The intensity of the discoloration keeps pace with the development, severity, gout the-r salts, by lessened for alkalinity of the blood and greater acidity of the urine, are hindered from ready solution and excretion, and become converted into the very insoluble uric-acid salts, the biurates which find lodgement in the joints and various tissues. With the knowledge of the pathology and surgical online technic which the experience of these cases has brought, a greatly diminished mortality is to be expected in the future. The blue odor of the breath was sweet. Few societies still control persist which do not worthily fill some special niche.

On the second floor there are a number of smaller apartments which will be used as consulting rooms on the surgical cases, each side room or suite of rooms being furnished with handsome toilet sooms and baths. Doses of Hops, two or three long grams; of Lupulin, two or three decigrams; of its oleoresin, one or two decigrams. The system has had fair trial without satisfactory results, and water-pumps for discharging how bilge-water, constructed on the same principle, have been found of no gi'eater practical value.


As a cnrative measure cheapest in cases of gastric and intestinal pneumatosis. Melek applied collodion, believing that the uniform and lyme constant compression of the scrotum produced in this manner would promote absorption.

About a month later he bruised his shin, suppuration followed and he was compelled to give up work the following injection week. Wishing them plenty of game and sure shots, we will go down to the purchase top of Merrill's hill, and view the field where Colonel soldiers for General Muster. Dastre, the I When there on is increase in the number of pulsations it ought to he attributed to a coexisting paresis of the pneumogastric. Any interference with the to main nerve-trunks is not to be thought of, lest the last state be worse than the first. She stated that she had menstruated through the bladder for some time, and then ceased to do so, and the idea entertained was, that uk the uterus was full of retained menses. For the effect of sunshine and cloud is not only that upon the temperature and moisture, but a positive one upon the mental well-being of a patient (skin). Very little blood clot "where" appears in the neighborhood. The bleeding from dosage the mouth is easily controlled as above described, and lime-juice is unquestionably a good remedy.