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During the convulsive attack uti the temperature may be normal or elevated.

Upon examination, I found a vesico-vaginal fistula about the size of a quarter of a dollar (sinus).


Next in importance to the ds selection of proper food comes the hygienic management of the infant. Edward Bills recite that it is desirable to provide for early notification to sanitary authorities of the occunence of infectious diseases within their districts, and contain provisions rendering it incumbent on the medical practitioner, when there is one in attendance on the case of illness, to fill up and forward, by post or otherwise, to the sanitary authority of the district io which the house is situate containing the sick person, a certificate in a given form furnishing the requisite information: of. Field hoped, now that so many ladies go to ambulance classes, that they may consider the physical sufferings of the poorer and forte younger members of their sex who have to stand for long hours in On the other hand, society, and the other professions, cannot say thai medicine has failed in its duty, in doing benefit to mankind. "Those who are soon que to be adding to our sum of knowledge should be merciful to' Let forruin nations of their language boast Who caimot dresie it well, want wits not words.'" WESTMINSTER HOSPITAL. Croupous pneumonia followed by empyema, with crisis upon the tenth day, without amelioration exaggerated breathing over the left lung, and a markedly dull note, amounting to almost actual flatness, with the exception of the extreme apex, to where percussion elicited tympany. Was it not too true that too often the older practitioner looked upon a new comer as an interloper, was jealous of his labours aad any success to which he might attain, misconstrued his good deeds, and ascribed bad motives to them? It was equally true that often a new comer, or perhaps the junior piactitioner of a neighbourhood, was over-sensitive as to the dealings of bis senior towards him, was impatient and drug dissatisfied with his own progress, and complained that his quota of reward and success was unduly withheld from him, and in very many cases attributed this to same improper influence or artful trickery on the part of his older brethren. And of cancer of the rectum with apparent cures in two cases and the third refused to continue the treatments on account of Pozzi and Rouhier (Revue de "long" Gyn. On an investigation taking place to ascertain the cause of the epidemic, it seems that nearly ill the funilies whose members have been attacked have been served with milk by a fiumer in the neighbourhood, one of whose infection household was and an interdict was issued by the sheriff forbidding the milk from the affected farm to be brought into Greenock and sold there.

Apart from the medical treatment of insanity and nervous diseases, whidi, conridering the misery and suffering these diseases inflict, is para a great matter, the earnest study of brain function can hardly fail also to lead to the elucidation of some of the most difHcnlt and interesting psychical, educational and social qaestions. There were no appreciable anatomical treat lesions in the pharynx or larynx, but the right vocal cord was sluggish. The mental during problems of puberty have been defeat, and personality difficulties which often arise from the confused and conflicting neighborhood and family life" of adolescents and preadolescents. He holds that radium is preferable to surgery in may cases for technical reasons as well as from first the standpoint of immunity. The further clinical fact that the rheumatic process first appears in the more outlying fibrous structures of a joint, and then concentrically progresses towards the synovial membranes, also confirms the assumption that an eventual hyperacidity (noticeable in the exudate only) must be the result of a pre-existing does disturbance. This manipulation may effect an expression of a superficially located persistant corpus luteum from the ovary, the rupture of a thin walled cyst, or the massaging may aid group nature in making or hastening repair.

THE TARBORO riEETlNG OF THE STATE The Medical Society of the State strep of North One hundred and twenty-ffve members were present and the social feature was enjoyable. It is the common practice to order for a patient with acute cystitis, urethritis or prostatitis large quantities of pure water: how. The presence of leucocytes, epithelial cells, mucus, and bacteria give the whitish, so-called"rice water" stools (for). Veit and Olshausen and hold that the eclamptic attack is determined by brain anemia.

800 - i consider the temporary and the mosquito its definitive host and transmitter, that it completes its asexual life and prepares its sexual forms in human blood, while it completes the sexual cycle of life, that by which the life of the parasite external to man is assured in a particular species of mosquito, and that man becomes infected most epoch-making events of the age in which we live.

Two other patients with j old, in had a gastric ulcer. E., not due to the influence of chemotactic substances, and probably is of little or no importance in Besides their most important role, one of defense, the leucocytes are undoubtedly important factors in the resorption of the products of cellular destruction and necrosis, in transforming these" products and in aiding their elimination, while possibly they play an active role in nutria tion and may be regarded as cells filled with what may be called an alimentary reserve (dosage).

The price patient did very badly there. This giues a muscle-lined wound throughout, of prime importance "160" in the closure. The customs of this people, their mode of cipro living, their habits, their religious observations, their family life are all graphically and well described by the writer.

The localisation was chiefly on the extremities, mostly on the Iowa, beginning in infancy, and always with symptoms of urticaria: mg.

The urine revealed a few white blood cells: suspension.