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Kocher directs that for its reduction the surgeon should sit on the left of the patient, then the elbowjoint is to be flexed at a right angle, el and the joint firmly pressed against the side of the chest. Sleep,"' vdiich he states is frequently observed among the negroes suspension on the West Coast of Africa. C, as the head moved upward when touched (sirve). Children had laryngeal cough; the mother had sore throat slightly, and side the father severely. The following physicians were proposed for membership: Commonwealth Ave., Bpston; "effects" Walter J. Currently, he is preparing "to" for publication an anthology of the works of other Georgia poets. As to "does" its immediate object, the operation should be simply palliative. Gauze mops were adjusted preparatory to removing it, when it ruptured and a clear, acne transparent fluid escaped. Under these circumstances death is pretty dosis likely to occur. Uti - octavo of This book is beautifully illustrated, and although the principles of cystoscopy have changed but little in the past four years, still a new edition, with additions, is satisfactory as assuring that the best is herein to be obtained upon the subject. The act of vomiting is a very complex one, and in addition the uncertainty of passing a descending galvanic current along the pneumogastric nerve is so ds great that we prefer to employ the term galvanism of the neck as indicating a procedure of considerable value in the treatment of obstinate Hot Water in the Treatment of Gonorrhea.

One may assume that future issues will carry more of the same, and I look forward to reading the debates on the values of varying medical and surgical treatments for similar illnesses (pediatric). The Chairman, Lord Dean para of Enild.

THESE PROGRAMS ARE SERVED BY A COMPLETE RANGE OF TREATMENT THERAPIES AND ACTIVITIES PROVIDED BY A WELL FOR THOSE WHO COME TO VALLEY IN NEED OF HELP, WHETHER IT BE FOR THE DISEASE OF ALCOHOLISM, DRUG DEPENDENCY, EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS, THE TEENAGER UNABLE TO COPE WITH THE GROWING-UP PROCESS, OR 800 ANY OF A BROAD RANGE OF PSYCHIATRIC DIFFICULTIES, WE SAY:"WELCOME, YOU HAVE JUST TAKEN THE FIRST STEP TO RECOVERY." WHO DESERVE OUR COMMITMENT TO QUALITY CARE, CONFIDENTIALITY, AND WHO SHARE OUR CONCERN FOR THE PATIENT'S WELL BEING AND HOPES WHO WORK WITHIN THE HOSPITAL TO PROVIDE THE BEST POSSIBLE TREATMENT AND ENVIRONMENT FOR EACH PATIENT. I how give them sterilized water in place of the bottle. For - about one-half of the casss had bean benefited by the treatment. Surgery was no longer the haphazzard matter of experiment, which characterized it formerly, but a thorough knowledge of antiseptics and the germ theory would reduce the per cent, of army mg losses to a minimum. Regnaud died much antibiotic quicker, the mean of the duration between the instant of inoculation and death not being more than forty-five hours. I rely upon this as one of infection my steadfast and most reliable remedies. He has uric acid there all the que time if he lias it.


There is evidence to prove that intoxication, long or it may be better to say, saturation, of the paternal organism with poison will produce a vitiated progeny. The manner of introducmg the awl the is of importance.