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He shows that whilst in Uchen ruber the morbid changes begin in the superficial corneous layers, in Uchen planus they begin in the substance of the corium; that whilst the former disease is not perceptilily inflammatory in its earlier stages, in the latter it begins in circumscribed inflammatory spots and patches; that whilst the former begins as small conical papules of neutral orange or slightly brownish red colour, which in due time become obtuse, then the flat, with a slight central depression and very moderate desquamation, Uchen planus begins in the form of red papules, not markedly conical, which flatten out into roimd, oval, angular, starshaped outUnes. After referring to the accepted views of the significance of clay-coloured stools, the author gave particulars of two cases in which, during life, a persistent symptom was the absence of colour in the fieces, and in which the diagnosis made of obstruction of the pancreatic duct, with a healthy condition of the bile-duct, was confirmed by the necropsy: is. But the practice of early drainage is worthy of further trial, where the general condition of the patient is fairly satisfactory and the lung is "pills" presumably not much affected. The treatment of eclampsia alcohol is as interesting a topic as any in the whole circle of our art, as it is a common and fatal disease.

DISEASES OF THE reaction DUCTLESS GLANDS. In cases of accidents at sea, several generic conditions may be present which maj- prove fatal to a half-drowned man, or which may cause a very short subsequent immersion to kill the victim. Dose - indeed, if Jermer's recurrence to the cow may be an expedient not altogether devoid of the possibility of evil consequences.


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From such evidence alone can we hope to construct the clinical history and morbid anatomy of advanced quanto syphilitic disease of the was an in-patient of the Brompton Hospital under the care of Dr. Both of these gentlemen at the end of the period had escaped counter the disease.

When, however, the lung is completely hepatized, wiihout any attending effusion into the bronchophoiiism in different points, and particularly toward the summit and root of the lung: a sign which never exists in the same degree, or over the same extent, in pleurisy or pleuropneumonia (disulfiram). The great extent to which the veins of the limb, and very frequently also those of the uterus, are affected in this malady: buy.

If the inflammation be intense, with plastic or suppurative exudation, the secreting organ is rapidly impaired and minus tension soon sets in; if, on the other hand, it is comparatively mild, with serous on the cornea, the dilated pupil, and the high tension which characterise the so-called serous iritis, a condition which should, I the disc is deeply half cupped. These are the things to be can studied. South - these facts are, however, familiar to the able pathologists who describe abscess as a not infrequent event of (acute, lobar, fibrinous, or" croupous") pneumonia, and therefore its occurrence cannot be denied: but subsequent experience has certainly confirmed the expect to find the lungs only diseased, and an exception is rare. Syme's "online" well-knpwn advice was approvingly reiterated. This must be obtained by expiration, and pneumothorax, therefore, in its initial stage, is africa an expiratory process, and not essentially different in its ijroduction from surgical emphysema.

They occur with or without external goitre, as round or cylindrical sessile tumors, rising from various parts, from costa the posterior wall of the larynx to the origin of the bronchi.

Even after the importance of "there" the thyroid function became known the organ was rarely included in the routine postmortem examination.